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Mercedes-Benz Axor

The Mercedes Benz Axor is the perfect all-rounder truck; whether its mid-to-long-distance haulage or heavy-duty short radius distribution, the Axor delivers on and off the road with its power and cost-effectiveness. It was designed to deliver increased performance and decrease consumption..

Improved Economy

The Axor's design reduces the trucks unladen weight and optimises payload. Combining clever design features and the Telligent® engine system, the Axor will provide you with greater economy, a must in today's competitive market. Also adding to improved economy is the reliable and economical BlueTech engines - the next-generation SCR diesel technology from Mercedes Benz Trucks. 

Great versatility

Mid-to-long distance, or heavy-duty short radius distribution - the 10-26 tonne Axor is built for performance in many settings. Its robust chassis and bodybuilder-compatible frame make the Axor a truck of choice for a variety of applications. Reliable high-torque 6-cylinder in-line engines and optional lightweight components add to the Axor's versatility.

Better safety

Mercedes Benz Trucks continue to lead with safety standards in the industry, and the Axor is packed with features to keep you safe. Relax with the assurance of a crash tested cab (in accordance with European ECE R29 standard), air-sprung driver's suspension seat with integral 3-point seat belt, an airbag in conjunction with belt tensioner, wide angle heated exterior mirrors, non-slip steps up to the cab, and many more features.



Mercedes Benz Axor Models

Mercedes-Benz Axor interior

The Mercedes Axor is available in the following models:

  • Prime Mover
  • Rigid
  • All-Wheel Drive

Mercedes Benz Axor Specifications

Engine & Configuration Power            Standard Cab         Transmission GVM              GCM Download Specs

1833LS 4x2

326 hp S-cab      9 speed synchromesh 18,000kg
(16,000kg opt)



1833L 4x2 326 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 18,000kg
(16,000kg opt)


2533L 6x2

326 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 25,000kg 36,000 kg


2633 6x4
2629 6x4
326 hp
286 hp
S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 26,000kg 36,000kg


1833A 4x4 326 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 18,000 kg
(16,000kg opt)




Mercedes Benz Axor Cab Options

The Axor comes standard with the S-cab, a day cab that is particularly well suited for heavy duty, short-radius distribution work. In addition, there are other cab options with the Axor, making it suitable to a greater variety of applications. 



 S-Cab with rear extension panel


Compact day cab, lightweight materials for better payload, roomy on the inside.

  • Aerodynamic front bumper
  • Cabin access via 3 stairs
  • Windows in rear cabin wall
  • External sun visor
  • Remote central locking
  • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
  • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
  • Driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off-road vehicles)
  • Optional centre seat



An extra 180mm room at the rear; more stowage and greater sense of space for the driver

  • Aerodynamic front bumper (3 piece steel with off
        road vehicles)
  • Cabin access via 3 stairs
  • External sun visor
  • Remote central locking
  • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
  • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
  • Driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off
        road vehicles 
  • Optional centre seat




    L-cab with raised roof


    Available with all on-road models, distribution style cabin with some space behind the seats and a bed

    • Aerodynamic front bumper
    • Cabin access via 3 stairs
    • Windows in rear cabin wall
    • External sun visor
    • Remote central locking
    • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
    • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
    • Driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off-road vehicles)
    • Optional centre seat/bunk combination
    • Single piece lower bed, 68.5cm wide
    • Stowage above windscreen



    Extra spacious and offers standing room. Can seat up to 6 people. Same interior as L-cab and offers the following:

    • optional 70cm wide luxury upper bed 
    • optional seat/bunk combination which incorporates a double bunk that can be folded into bench seating with 4 seatbelts








    Mercedes Benz Axor Powertrain

    Mercedes-Benz Axor power

    With the Axor you can get the job done economically and in comfort thanks to its application-based transmissions, gearshifts and axles, as well as the weight-optimised frame and finely tuned chassis with a range of suspension variants.


    The Axor offers high-torque 6-cylinder inline engines with up to 326 hp. The Euro 4 compliant BlueTech® engines are equipped to handle any task in medium distance and heavy-duty short radius distribution. Supporting the engine in the Telligent® engine system which aids in reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, without compromising power delivery.


    The Axor engines operate with a selection of application specific transmission and axle combinations to provide you with optimal fuel saving power transmission. You can rest assured the Axor always transfers the engine's power to the road quickly and efficiently, regardless of your transmission choice. Depending on your model and equipment options, you can choose between a 3 pedal 9-speed manual, a 16-speed Telligent® gearshift, or a 6-speed fully automatic Allison transmission.


    The right axles help keep fuel consumption, wear and tear, and noise levels to a minimum. With the Axor you are offered a choice of rear axles to suit engine ratings and application needs. Vehicles requiring a live rear axles are fitted with the single-reduction HL 6 hypoid axle, while the heavier duty 6x4 and AWD Axor trucks are fitted with the HL 7 planetary axle.

    Mercedes Benz Axor Chassis

    Mercedes-Benz Axor chassis


    The Axor parallel frame has an extremely high load-bearing capacity and no surplus weight, providing you with outstanding payload benefits. The versatile design makes it easy to add body attachments and add-on components, such as extra fuel tanks. The frame's 50mm hole pattern eliminates the need for drilling into the frame, which can damage the outstanding protective seal against corrosion.

    The cab mountings

    The Axor comfort cab mountings will have you sitting comfortably thanks to the additional longitudinal mounts and rubber mounts. These features are more effective at absorbing shocks and vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, thereby protecting the truck and helping to make the driver's job less stressful.

    The vehicle suspension

    The Axor offers three suspension variants, and no matter your application is, all variants will provide your truck with excellent roll resistance and ride stability, precision road holding, a comfortable ride and maximum traction.

    For 4x2 rigid trucks with rear air suspension, the Telligent® level control system can be used to raise the frame by approx. 170 mm (approx. 200 mm for drop-siders) and lower it by 90 mm when hooking up or disconnecting. The 4x2 rigid trucks with air-sprung rear axle are fitted with four-bellows air suspension. A ground-breaking Mercedes-Benz innovation is the new two-bellows suspension for 4x2 prime movers. This set-up dispenses with the air bellows at the rear of the vehicle, which means that the shock absorbers can be positioned behind the axle to give you even better roll resistance and stable handling.

    Stabiliser link

    The stabiliser link in the Axor has a dual function; axle location and stabilising body roll. On Axors with air-sprung rear axles this one component does the work of two control arms, two bearing brackets, two articulated rods and numerous mounting parts. The result - exceptional handling and a reduction in weight.


    With an Axor you are getting an extremely powerful brake system. A continuously high brake pressure of 10 bar is maintained by the compressed-air system, which includes internally ventilated discs and ABS. This results in quick brake response times and high rates of deceleration, even under heavy usage and when applied several times in succession.